Mindfulness and the 12 steps

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps

 With Jeff Browning

 April 20, 27, May 4: 10am-1pm

 Cost: 40.00


 This Saturday morning study series will outline how mindfulness meditation can be incorporated in the practice of 12 step recovery. Thru educational lecture, personal reflection, guided meditation and small group process this class will be an amazing opportunity to explore the emergence of mindfulness with the practice of the 12 steps.

 This series is appropriate for anyone who is interested in this process. The class is open to those in ALL 12 step communities, newcomers and those with long term recovery. In short, everyone is welcome to attend regardless of any background.

Jeff Browning: Mindfulness Instructor and Group Facilitator

For over ten years Jeff has worked as an alcohol and drug counselor for a noted treatment center in Nashville, Tennessee.  For seven years he worked with addicted teens as an associate and primary counselor. Currently he works with adult clients who have a high rate of relapse, incorporating meditation and mindfulness as a relapse prevention strategy.  Jeff began his meditation and mindfulness practice eight years ago when he discovered Zen meditation as a way to enhance his own recovery and to assist in connecting with adolescents struggling with their thoughts and emotions.  Jeff has been facilitating mindfulness and addiction classes in jails and prison with Dave Smith and the MBA-Project for the last 2 years. Jeff has also been trained to teach Mindfulness thru Mindful Schools.

“Jeff Browning is one of Nashville’s greatest hidden treasures. It is with great appreciation that he has offered to teach this workshop and I hope that you can find the time to practice, study and learn from Jeff. Jeff was one of the first people I met when I moved to Nashville and he was the inspirational source that originally led me to teach mindfulness to youth.”

-Dave Smith


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