Buddhist Psychology workshop: 9-21

Buddhist Psychology study-class B-psychology
Saturday September 21 10-1pm 30$

With: Dave Smith

The English language is rich in many ways, particularly when explaining the features of the material world, but it is remarkably clumsy when it comes to articulating the nuanced terrain of inner experience. This is one of the reasons why the current conversations about consciousness, meditation and psychology become rather confusing and confrontational. As we are now beginning to understand the inner workings of the mind-body process thru cognitive science and neuroscience it is quite humbling to see that a detailed and highly developed map of the mind and body as a system of “lived” experience had been delineated by the Buddha and his immediate followers some 2500 years ago.

“How can we use this detailed “Dharma map” to end our mental and emotional suffering here in 2013?”

Come and find out!

This class will be appropriate for anyone who is interested. There will be a detailed handout; including educational diagrams, take home tools, Q&A, and even some meditation.

**Pre-registration is encouraged and extremely helpful you can do so at** HERE


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