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Wise Effort: Spiritual Urgency

Andrew discusses the role of commitment and motivation in the undertaking of spiritual practice. He talks about the pali sanskrit word, samvega (“spiritual urgency”) as a foundational element of Buddhist practice. This talk spotlights the five reflections (Upajjhatthana Sutta) as a tool for remembering the temporariness of our life, health, and wellbeing. By taking time to reflect on the impermanent nature of life, we can remember how important it is to be present and available for the many challenges and joys that make life meaningful. 


Mental proliferation: papanca

This recent talk by Andrew Chapman discusses the common challenges associated with mindfulness practice. He outlines role of papanca (pali), as it plays out in consciousness awareness thru thinking, analysis and more thinking.



Rebel Dharma: Santa Cruz

Dave offers a talk on sila-samadhi-panna, the 3 pillars of the 8-fold path. The talk was offered at Jason Murphy’s group in Santa Cruz.

ATS-Santa Monica

Dave has relocated to the West Coast. Here is a talk he gave from the Santa Monica center on the mindfulness and the 4 noble truths.

Graduation ceremony

10-26-2014: A heartfelt talk and discussion from the year long study group. Participants from the program offer some discussion on what it was like for them. Enjoy.

Desire and craving: what’s the difference?

10-22-2014: What is the difference between desire and craving? Desire often gets a bad rap in Buddhism, this is a mistake.

talk and meditation: Equanimity

10-19-2014: A talk and guided meditation on the practice of equanimity.