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Desire and craving: what’s the difference?

10-22-2014: What is the difference between desire and craving? Desire often gets a bad rap in Buddhism, this is a mistake.


Metta: talk and instructions

9-17-2014: A talk and guided practice of metta/kind-friendliness.


8-17-2014: The role of Sangha in our lives. So important, and rare.


7-9-2014: Understanding empathy. In Buddhism we use the term compassion. In western psychology we find that there are three types of empathy: cognitive, emotional and compassion. This talk will discuss how we can develop the skills of empathy and compassion. Good times!

Greed, hatred and delusion

7-2-2014: Greed, hatred and delusion…are the roots of unwholesome mind states. Or, the root of suffering. They corrupt the mind and heart. Thus I heard….

Anapanasati: mindfulness of breathing

6-11-2014: Anapanasati, translates as mindfulness of breathing. This talk expands on the 1st foundation of mindfulness. This talk also includes a guided practice after the talk. Enjoy.


6-1-2014: This talk offers some reflection on the practice of equanimity. How do we find balance within everything that happens in our inner and outer worlds?