Word of the Buddha: Nyanatiloka Thera (PDF) Word of The Buddha

Life of the Buddha: Noah Levine/Huffington Post (PDF) Life of the Buddha

4 noble truths/8 fold path: Bikkhu Bodhi (PDF) 4 truths-8-fold

8-fold Path for the Householder: Jack Kornfield (PDF) 8-fold-kornfield

Wheel of Dhamma: Mahasi Sayadaw (PDF) Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta

Stephen Batchelor: Pali Canon translations (PDF) Batchelor-pali canon

Stephen Batchelor: Buddhism 2.0 “a secular manifesto” )PDF) Buddhism2

Bikkhu Analayo Madhyama-figama Studies (PDF) Analayo 2013 

Bikkhu Analayo: From Craving to Liberation text (PDF) From Craving

Ajahn Sucitto: Meditation “a way of awakening (PDF) AjahnSucitto

Early Buddhist thought: “faith and renunciation” (PDF) faith & renunciation

Intro to Buddhist Psychology: Dave Smith workshop (PDF) B-PSYCH

12 links of Dependent Origination: Josh Korda (PDF) 12-links-Korda



 Unlimiting Mind:  Andrew Olendski

Dharma Punx: Noah Levine

What the Buddha Taught: Walpola Rahula

The Spirit of the Buddha: Martine Batchelor

Buddhism, A Concise Introduction:  Smith & Novak

Against the Stream:  Noah Levine

The Heart of the Revolution: Noah Levine

A Path with Heart:  Jack Kornfield

The Experience of Insight:  Joseph Goldstein

Insight Meditation:  Joseph Goldstein

Seeking the Heart of Wisdom:  Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein

Dancing with Life:  Phillip Moffitt

A Gradual Awakening: Steven Levine

Radical Acceptance:  Tara Brach

Breath by Breath:  Larry Rosenberg

Loving-kindness:  Sharon Salzberg

Buddhism without Beliefs:  Stephen Batchelor

The Miracle of Mindfulness:  Thich Naht Hhan

Old Path White Clouds:  Thich Naht Hhan

Turning the Wheel:  Ajahn Sucitto

One Dharma: Joseph Goldstein

Confession of a Buddhist Atheist: Stephen Batchelor

Eight fold path: Bhikkhu Bodi

Satipatthana: Direct Path of Realization by Analayo


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